BIOTINT PMU Anesthetic Cream, 30g

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BIOTINT PMU Anesthetic Cream, 30g
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Highly effective topical cream-based anesthetic. It is a mixture of several anesthetics for a more pronounced analgesic effect and prolonged action.

The high effectiveness of this anesthetic cream is ensured by the optimal percentage of active ingredients - lidocaine and prilocaine, in combination with epinephrine for vasoconstrictor action and gentamicin, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. The non-greasy hypoallergenic base of the cream allows you to evenly distribute the product and at the same time softens the skin for the comfort of the client and the convenience of the master. For primary anesthesia, the cream must be applied to previously cleaned and dried skin, rub and cover with a film. The exposure time depends on the type of skin, the depth of the necessary anesthesia and the duration of the procedure - from 15 minutes. If during pain the need for additional anesthesia has arisen, you can reapply the anesthetic cream for a shorter time.


Type - Universal

Trademark - BIOTINT PMU

% Active ingredient - 9%

Exposure time - 30 minutes

Group - Cream

Weight - 30g

Packaging - Tube

Country of Origin - USA

Amount of packaging - 1 pc.

Number of treatments - 6

Composition: Lidocaine 5%, Prilocaine 2%, Benzocaine 1%, Gentamicin 1%

Recommended for mesotherapy, biorevitalization, redermalization, laser hair removal, waxing, permanent makeup, tattooing, tattoo removal.

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