BIOTINT PMU Anesthetic Gel, 30g (secondary anesthetic)

BIOTINT PMU Anesthetic Gel, 30g (secondary anesthetic)

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BIOTINT PMU Anesthetic Gel, 30g (secondary anesthetic).

The most up-to-date agent for secondary superficial anesthesia for permanent make-up, tattoos and other painful cosmetic procedures.

It is also used as primary anesthesia in the eyelid area.


Gel PMU 30ml for anesthesia in permanent makeup (tattoo) - suitable for anesthesia of eyebrows, eyes, lips. Can be used for both pre-anesthesia and anesthesia during operation. Most effective after the "first puncture".

Anesthetizes, reduces swelling, has a hemostatic effect.

It is very popular among permanent makeup (tattoo) masters due to its low price, high efficiency, and versatility.


  1. Prepare the surface for anesthesia, degrease.
  2. Open the bottle with the gel by pressing on the cap on the inscription "PRESS".
  3. Squeeze out a small amount of gel onto a cotton swab and apply it to the anesthetized skin surface.
  4. Close the surface of the skin, covered with gel, cling film and press firmly with the client's hand. Hold the film with your hand during the entire freezing time.
  5. Maintain the time required for freezing - from 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the type of skin. A sign of the anesthetic effect is blanching of the skin at the site of exposure.
  6. Remove the film and agree with the client on the color and shape of permanent makeup (tattoo).
  7. Perform the "first puncture" procedure - using the pigment agreed with the client, pass through the skin with a tattoo machine at half the usual effort. The purpose of the "first puncture" is not to introduce pigment into the skin, but to damage its upper layer. This is done in order to ensure that active anesthetic agents are better absorbed into the skin during subsequent anesthesia. Since the exposure is carried out with half the usual effort and there is preliminary anesthesia, the procedure for the first puncture is practically painless.
  8. Perform a re-anesthesia procedure similar to that described above with a holding time of 7 to 15 minutes.
  9. Perform permanent makeup as usual. As a rule, such anesthesia is enough for the entire procedure of permanent makeup (tattooing). If a client with particularly sensitive skin is caught, it is possible to “lubricate” the anesthetic gel during the procedure.

It is applied only outwardly.

Since the concentration of active substances is low, the likelihood of burns is minimal, but it is still undesirable for the gel to get on the mucous membrane.

Not recommended for pregnant women and during lactation.

An allergy test is recommended.

For professional use only.


  • The country of origin is the USA.
  • It is used both for preliminary anesthesia and anesthesia during work (secondary anesthesia).
  • Due to the presence of a very wide range of anesthetic substances in low concentrations, it is highly effective.
  • Anesthetizes, reduces swelling, has a hemostatic effect.
  • The risk of burns is minimal.
  • It comes in a handy 30ml pack.
  • Long shelf life - 3 years.

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