Dr.Numb (Epinephrine), Cream - Anesthetic, 30g

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Dr.Numb (Epinephrine), Cream - Anesthetic, 30g
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Dr. Numb is a highly effective anesthetic containing epinephrine.

Cream - gel is used before and during injection procedures, as well as permanent makeup procedures or when applying tattoos.

Dr. Numb with epinephrine works extremely effectively, and most importantly, just 10-15 minutes is enough to hold the cream gel under the film before starting the procedure. Epinephrine provides a blood outflow, as a result of which the skin after damage is much less “bleeding” and after the procedure there are practically no bruises.


Type - Universal

Trademark - Dr.Numb

% Active ingredient - 10.01%

Exposure time - 10 minutes

Group - Cream

Weight - 30g

Packaging - Tube

Country of manufacture - Canada

Amount of packaging - 1 pc.

Number of treatments - 8

Composition: Lidocaine 5%, Prilocaine 5%, Epinephrine 0.1%

Recommended for Mesotherapy, Biorevitalization, Redermalization, Laser hair removal, Waxing, permanent makeup, tattooing, tattoo removal.

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