F&E Tattooist Skin Painless Cream, 35g

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F&E Tattooist Skin Painless Cream, 35g
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F&E Tattooist is the best value for money. A feature of this cream is that the exposure time is only 10 minutes. Moreover, in a tube of 35 grams of cream, unlike any other anesthetic in the tube.

F&E Tattooist is perhaps the only anesthetic cream whose reputation has never been “tarnished”. 6% Lidocaine and 4% Prilocaine do an excellent job

task, instant anesthesia before the procedure. F&E Tattooist is loved not only by cosmetologists, but also by permanent tattoo artists, tattoo artists. Even procedures such as laser hair removal and waxing will be less painful if you use the F&E Tattooist.


Type - Primary

Brand - Tattooist

% Active ingredient - 10%

Exposure time - 10 minutes

Group - Cream

Weight - 35g

Packaging - Tube

Country of origin - England

Amount of packaging - 1 pc.

Number of treatments - 5

Composition: Lidocaine 6%, Prilocaine 4%

Recommended for Laser Hair Removal, Waxing, Permanent Makeup, Tattooing, Tattoo Removal

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