GeLido Crema Anestetico, 30g

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GeLido Crema Anestetico, 30g
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Gelido anestetico is a local extended-release anesthetic intended for the painless conduct of any

cosmetic procedures associated with pain on the skin.

Application anesthetic Gelido has a specially developed cream base for uniform and deep penetration into the epidermis. Anesthetic allows a wide range of traumatic cosmetic procedures and minor surgical interventions with absolutely no pain. The hypoallergenic anesthetic formula ensures the absence of inflammatory reactions and the rapid healing of the skin.

Procedures before which the use of Gelido anesthetic is recommended:

- mesotherapy

- contour plastic

- biorevitalization

- laser hair removal

- peeling

- laser removal of skin lesions, tattoos

- permanent makeup, tattoo


Type - Universal

Brand - GeLido Anestetico

% Active ingredient - 10%

Exposure time - 25 minutes

Group - Cream

Weight - 30g

Packaging - Tube

Country of origin - Italy

Amount of packaging - 1 pc.

Number of treatments - 7

Composition: Lidocaine 7%, Prilocaine 2%, Benzocaine 1%

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