SUSTAINE Blue Gel Anesthetic, 34ml

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SUSTAINE Blue Gel Anesthetic, 34ml

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Sustaine is a potent anesthetic intended for use on damaged areas of the skin, suitable for all procedures with increased injuries of the skin.

Sustaine anesthetic with a special mixture of high concentration active ingredients - lidocaine, tetracaine and epinephrine - not only reduces the conduct of pain impulses from the skin, but also provides active narrowing of blood vessels, which reduces bleeding during traumatic procedures and reduces the risk of bruising and swelling after. Anesthetic is used only on already damaged skin, first you need to use pre-treatment anesthetic.


Type - Secondary


% Active ingredient - 8%

Exposure time - 5 minutes

Group - Gel

Volume - 34ml

Packaging - Bottle

Country of Origin - USA

Amount of packaging - 1 pc.

Composition: Lidocaine 4%, Tetracaine 2%, Epinephrine 2%

Recommended for mesotherapy, biorevitalization, redermalization, laser hair removal, waxing, permanent makeup, tattooing, tattoo removal.

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