TKTX 40%, Gel - anesthetic, 15ml

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TKTX 40%, Gel - anesthetic, 15ml
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TKTX 40% is a secondary anesthetic containing a high percentage of lidocaine and tetracaine (anesthetic agents) mixed with epinephrine (coagulant) for a prolonged analgesic effect and vasoconstriction.

TKTX 40% has many advantages over others anesthetics. The anesthetic has a pronounced anti-edema effect due to the coagulant in the composition, which reduces bleeding and increases the rate of subsequent healing of damaged skin. The anesthetic has a long-term analgesic effect (up to 4 hours).

The anesthetic is recommended for use before the following procedures:

mesotherapy, contouring, biorevitalization, laser hair removal, peeling, laser removal of skin formations (tattoos), permanent makeup (tattooing), botulinum therapy, piercing.


Type - Secondary

Trademark - TKTX

Active ingredient - 8.02%

Exposure time - 2 minutes

Group - Gel

Weight - 15g

Packaging - Bottle

Country of origin - USA

Quantity in a package - 1 piece

Number of procedures - 5

Ingredients: Lidocaine 6%, Tetracaine 3%, Epinephrine 0.2%

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