F.O.X BASE Air Strong 15ml.


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Air Base Strong - is a transparent hard base for strengthening soft nails. Significantly improves the strength of the coating on a thin nail plate.

The material includes wollastonite - an environmentally friendly component, first used in the nail industry by a patented technology from TM F.O.X. The shape of the molecules and the properties of the material serve as a microreinforcing filler. Volastonite air capsules do not create additional pressure and reduce the likelihood of cracking.

The base with excellent adhesive properties improves the strength of the coating, resistant to temperature changes. The tool is easy to work with, preserves the architecture of the nail, self-aligns and does not spread on the side rollers. Has a balanced level of acidity.

For particularly thinned soft nails, it is recommended to apply an elastic base base, such as Air Base, under the Air Base Strong.

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