F.O.X Cover 30ml.

F.O.X Cover 30ml.

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F.O.X Cover is designed for laminating nails.

This is a thin plastic layer that protects the nail from the effects of materials applied when coating with gel polish, extending its sock. In addition, it strengthens the nail, making it stronger. Lamination is insoluble, resistant to acetone, cannot be removed together with gel polish. It rests on the nails until it grows out or until it is corrected by sawing. Does not add extra volume with a fingernail. Consistency F.O.X Cover medium, closer to liquid. At the same time, it lays well, does not spread.


1) treat the surface of the nails with a buff, degrease them very carefully;

2) quickly apply F.O.X Cover in 2-3 thin layers, sealing the end face. Dry in the LED lamp for 30-60 seconds. or 36W UV lamp 2 min.

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