F.O.X BUILDER GEL Pink Baby, 30ml.


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F.O.X Builder gel Pink baby – is a multi-purpose gel builder designed for nail modeling and correction that has tender pink color and matt effect. This material can be used as a 1-phased gel or as a second coating in 3-phased modeling system. It provides a perfect adhesion, holds a round shape for a long time and is extremely durable. Nitrocellulose and rubber increase the elasticity and prevent peeling off.


• One-phased material (does not require a base)

• Holds a round shape very well

• Contains rubber


1. Saw the nail

2. Apply F.O.X Nail Prep

3. Apply F.O.X Ultrabond non-acid or F.O.X Acid primer

4. Apply F.O.X Builder gel Pink baby or F.O.X Base Strong with rubbing movements

5. UV dry or LED/UV dry for 30 seconds

6. Shape a bottom coating using F.O.X Builder gel Pink baby and modeling forms

7. UV dry or LED/UV dry for 30 seconds

8. Remove the modeling forms

9. Saw the nail

10. Apply F.O.X Top coating or a gel polish

11. Apply F.O.X Cuticle oil

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