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From Latin, the primer is translated as “first”, which means the base layer, which provides reliable and strong adhesion of the surface of the nail plate with artificial coating.
It is the safest, as it does not contain a large percentage of methacrylic acid. Therefore, it is suitable for sensitive and thin nails. At the same time, it degreases well and does not change the pH level.
Such a primer differs from an acid primer in that it is used for gel polish, bio gel, acrigel and gel.
It is not suitable for acrylic coating.
The acid-free primer dries without an ultraviolet lamp.
Its effect does not affect the deeper layers, does not violate the structure of the nails.
The main ingredient of the substance is methacrylic acid, which provides the strength of adhesion of plates and extended nails.
Acid-free primer has several advantages that play a significant role in the processing of nails: the safety of the substance lies in the absence of burns, allergic reactions. Natural plates do not deteriorate during prolonged dehydration.

• ease of use
• the actions of the manicurist when applying the product are free and fast
• applications on problem, thin and exfoliating nails

1. Unscrew the bottle, wring the brush against the edges, and if necessary, clean the lint-free napkin.
2. We apply the product in strips, not finding each other from the cuticle to the free edge.
3. Make sure that the funds were not excessively large, but also that the entire nail was completely processed.
4. The product should not fall into the area of the lateral sinuses and side rollers.
5. After processing, let the coating dry completely (30 sec) and only after that can the base be applied.

Volume: 14 ml

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