GRATTOL Top No-wipe Miror 9ml.

GRATTOL Top No-wipe Miror 9ml.

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GRATTOL Top No-wipe Miror - transparent and optimally thick finishing coating without a dispersion layer is intended to protect gel-varnish design from mechanical damage, adverse effects of household chemicals and temperature extremes. The top is easy to apply and evenly distributed, does not flow on the side rollers and cuticles, does not thicken the free edge of the nail. The design with it retains flexibility and elasticity, along with increased strength and enhanced gloss.

Thanks to the No Wipe Top Gel color coating remains saturated and is reliably protected from clouding, cracking, chips, peeling and peeling. The top perfectly holds decorative elements, comfortably dries in the lamp, and the lack of stickiness allows the master to save on consumables and create nail images faster. The safe, hypoallergenic composition of the coating is suitable for all types of nails and is especially recommended for sensitive and allergic ones.

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