KOMILFO Base Gel UV LED, 15ml.

KOMILFO Base Gel UV LED, 15ml.

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Komilfo UV LED Base Gel is a basic gel created exclusively for the gel system. It has a liquid consistency, thanks to which it easily gets into the raised scales of the nail plate after sawing and provides a strong interaction of the nail plate with the gel.

The base gel is polymerized in LED and UV lamps!

Technology of using the base gel:

  • 1. Make a standard preparation of the nail plate for extension. It is desirable to exclude maceration with water before building.
  • 2. Degrease the nail plate with Nail Prep and let it dry.
  • 3. Apply the acid primer, avoiding contact with the cuticle and lateral rollers. Let it dry for 30 seconds.
  • 4. Prime the nail base with gel. Dry in a lamp: 30 s in LED and hybrid, in UV - 2 minutes. Trim and place the shape under the nail.
  • 5. Apply to the form of premium gel or gel-jelly.
  • 6. Model a nail, dry in a lamp, carry out sawing.
  • 7. Using Nail Prep, remove dust from the nail plate and apply a thin layer of top for Komilfo gel system. Dry for 60-90 s in an LED lamp, in a UV lamp - 4 minutes.

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