KOMILFO Base Cover, 15ml.

KOMILFO Base Cover, 15ml.

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Komilfo Cover Base is a unique camouflage base-corrector for gel polish, which allows you not only to level the nail plate, but also camouflage and lengthen the nail bed under a jacket without sacrificing durability and hide all the imperfections of the nail under a colored coating.

Camouflage base-corrector for gel polish is tested for durability, and in this it is not inferior to a transparent base, it is suitable even for problem clients.

Komilfo Cover Base does not differ from transparent in its properties and application technology. It can be applied both in a thin layer (using the classical technology) and by the drip method (using the technique of strengthening nails and leveling the nail plate). If applied in a thin layer, it will be almost transparent and will not give a camouflage effect. Therefore, this camouflage base is recommended specifically for the drip method of application. The Komilfo camouflage base corrector also makes it possible to extend broken corners of the nail or nail up to 1 mm.

The base can also be sawed off like a gel, giving the desired shape.

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