KOMILFO Base Glitter French №2, 15ml.

KOMILFO Base Glitter French №2, 15ml.

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KOMILFO Glitter French Base №2 (light pink with silver glitter) 15ml.

The Komilfo base can be applied both by classical technology and by a drop method (by technique of strengthening of nails and alignment of a nail plate).


  • alignment - the base has a thick consistency, does not require effort in alignment of the nail plate;
  • overlapping - the base overlaps the free edge, has cover colors;
  • camouflage - base adapts to nail color;
  • shimmering - the base contains crumbs of gold and silver.


1. Perform standard nail preparation: remove the previous covering, remove the cuticle, buff the surface and give the desired shape to the nails. After that, it is recommended to clean the nail plate with a disinfectant and degreaser. If necessary, apply ultrabond, a special acid-free preparation for better interaction of the following coatings with natural nail.

2. Apply the Komilfo Gel Lacquer Base to the nail. The base allows you to align the nail plate and make the perfect nail shape before coating with a colored gel polish. Then dry it in a UV lamp.

3. Apply 2 coats of Komilfo color gel varnish. Remember to seal each layer (including base and top). The polymerization time of a colored gel varnish in a UV lamp is 2 minutes, in an LED lamp - 30 seconds.

4. Apply a top coat of Komilfo gel coat with a thin layer, dry it in an LED lamp for 90 seconds. In the UV lamp - the maximum amount of time specified on the timer.

5. Apply cuticle oil after coating is complete.

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