KOMILFO Base Acid Free, 15ml.

KOMILFO Base Acid Free, 15ml.

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Absolutely harmless and acid-free!

Acid-free base, ideal for pedicure!

- Has Acid Free acid-free formula

- Does not bake in the lamp!

- Elastic and simple texture is very easy to apply.

- Thin application on the nail plate, does not create a thick layer of base, which is very important for pedicure‼

- If necessary, you can align the base.

- Is a protective coating for damaged nails (can be applied in the case of sawn nails). ⠀

The main focus of this base is on pedicure, but it can also be used as the safest base for weak and damaged fingernails.

But the time of wearing this base on your hands is much less than regular bases (approximately no more than 10 days)

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