KOMILFO Bottle Gel Milky Pink, 15ml.

KOMILFO Bottle Gel Milky Pink, 15ml.

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Komilfo Bottle Gel is a liquid gel in a bottle of perfect consistency, has a number of advantages:

- perfectly aligned, there is no need to "play" for a long time to align the nail plate;

- has excellent wear resistance;

- does not shrink;

- suitable for increasing length, chips and angles;

- this is exactly what is needed for a thin and weakened nail plate if the client wants to grow in length;

- perfectly suitable for a natural, independent covering.

Application method:

- Apply acid primer, base coat.

- Model the architecture of artificial nails with Bottle Gel. Use modeling forms to lengthen.

- Polymerize for 60 seconds in an LED (2 min in UV) lamp. If necessary, remove the dispersion layer and dust.

- Apply gel polish or top.

Warning: Avoid contact with skin and eyes, keep out of reach of children. Keep the jar away from sunlight and UV rays. Avoid inhalation of large amounts of evaporation. Wear protective gloves / protective mask.

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