Komilfo GEL PAINT No Wipe White 002, 5ml.

Komilfo GEL PAINT No Wipe White 002, 5ml.

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Komilfo GEL PAINT No Wipe White, used for nail design.

Color: White 

Size: 5 ml

Gel-paint does not have a sticky layer and does not require overlapping top.

Painting with colored gel paints has become very popular lately. For painting with Komilfo gel color paints, they must be dried for 2 minutes in a UV lamp or 30 seconds in a LED lamp. You can make drawings of any complexity.

Colored gel dyes differ from colored gels in a large amount of pigment in the composition, therefore gel dyes should be used more prudently, especially by applying them to the entire nail, to the free edge or to the side edges of the nail.

Dense texture, durable pigment and compatibility with any nail modeling system make Komilfo gel paint an indispensable material in creating a perfect manicure.

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