KOMILFO Gel Remover, 125ml.

KOMILFO Gel Remover, 125ml.

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Komilfo Gel Remover - a means for removing soak off gels and gel varnishes.

Professional gel polish remover and biogel quickly and effectively dissolves gel polishes and soak off gels. Komilfo Gel Remover does not damage the nail plate. Under its action, the gel polish and biogel are removed gently and effortlessly.

The liquid has a pleasant peach aroma, contains moisturizing ingredients for the nail plate and skin.

Briefly about using Komilfo Gel Remover:

  • Saw off the top so that the gel polish dissolves faster. Apply oil or cream on the cuticle and side rollers before soaking, as the nails and the skin around the nails are actively dehydrated during soaking.
  • Apply Komilfo Gel Remover on a sponge and apply to the nail. Wrap the fingertip with foil or a gel polish remover. After 10 minutes, remove the foil / clothespin and cotton pad with one finger and immediately remove the gel polish from the nail plate with a pusher, moving in one direction from the cuticle to the edge.
  • If you have applied thick shades of gel polish, it is recommended to increase the exposure time to 15-18 minutes. Repeat the procedure if necessary. If you do not plan a new gel polish, apply oil and air it well.

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