KOMILFO Primer Acid, 15ml.

KOMILFO Primer Acid, 15ml.

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Komilfo Primer Acid is an acid primer needed for degreasing and disinfecting nails before gel or acrylic extensions. Provides strong interaction of artificial material with a nail plate, prevents development of pathogenic flora under artificial material. It is applied in small amounts on prepared and cleaned nails before applying gel or acrylic, avoiding contact with the cuticle and lateral rollers. Dries naturally in 30 seconds.

Technology of using acid primer:

  • Perform standard nail plate preparation for extension. It is desirable to exclude maceration with water before building.
  • Degrease the nail plate with Nail Prep and let it dry.
  • Apply the acid primer, avoiding contact with the cuticle and lateral rollers. Let it dry for 30 seconds.
  • Prime the nail with a gel base. Dry in a lamp: 30 s in LED and hybrid, in UV - 2 minutes. Trim and place the shape under the nail.
  • Apply a premium gel or jelly gel to the form.
  • Model the nail, dry it in a lamp, dust it.
  • Use Nail Prep to remove residual dust from the nail plate and apply a thin layer of top for Komilfo gel system. Dry for 60-90 s in an LED lamp, in a UV lamp - 4 minutes.

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