KOMILFO Nail Prep, 125ml.

KOMILFO Nail Prep, 125ml.

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Komilfo Nail Prep - a professional tool for nail preparation, 2 in 1 (disinfectant and degreaser). It is applied to any systems of modeling and covering of nails. The tool is designed to enhance the adhesion of natural nails with artificial material, varnish, gel varnish. Used for disinfection and degreasing of nails during the preparation of the nail plate for the nail modeling procedure, before coating with gel varnish or varnish, before applying the soil material.

Komilfo Nail Prep has the main direction of action:

  • Deep degreasing and dehydration.
  • Removes dirt and remnants of sebum not only from the surface of the nails, but also between their layers.
  • Performs temporary dehydration, which persists for 30 minutes (after which the water balance is restored and natural effusion appears).
  • Reduces the likelihood of peeling of artificial material and decorative varnish in customers with high moisture content in the nails and skin, improves the interaction of varnish and coating with the nail surface.

How to use: after manicure and nail sanding, spray Komilfo Nail Prep on a lint-free cloth or directly on the nail plate and wipe the nails thoroughly with a napkin, as if removing red nail polish. Then apply an additional dehydrator (if necessary), then a primer.

The liquid has a pleasant peach aroma.

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