AСRYL GEL №9 (Pink pastel with shimmers), 30ml.


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Asryl Gel is an elastic and strong unique nail material with a minimal dispersion layer used for building up, modeling and strengthening the natural nail plate. The professional tool does not cause allergies, has no smell and is suitable for all types of nails.

The viscous consistency of acrylic-gel is convenient to work with, the material does not harden, does not spread, does not have ductility. It is polymerized in UV and LED lamps, does not heat up in them, does not cause unpleasant sensations and burning.

Important advantages of Oxxi acrylic gel are its strength, reliability, wear resistance, excellent adhesive properties will ensure a high-quality coating. Despite all the strength of the material, acrylic gel is pliable in dusting, the shape of the nail can be adjusted even with soft files for natural nails. The product is removed by standard methods for gel and acrylic manicure: soaking, dusting with a saw or machine.

How to work with Oxxi acrylic gel:

1. Carry out standard preparation of the nail: remove the previous coating, remove the cuticle, file the nails, polish the surface, give the desired shape.

2. Clean the nail plate with a lint-free napkin, on which apply a degreasing and dehydrating agent, removing fat, dust, and excess moisture from the surface of the nails.

3. If you have soft nails that are layered, apply a special bonder on them to create additional adhesion, let it dry for 20 seconds.

4. Spread a ball of acrylic gel on the nail using a multi-functional spatula. Wet the modeling brush in the cleanser, be sure to squeeze out the excess on a lint-free tissue, spread the acrylic gel over the nail plate.

5. Polymerize the acrylic gel in a UV lamp for 2 minutes or 30 seconds in an LED lamp.

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