AСRYL GEL №6 (Cacao), 30ml.

AСRYL GEL №6 (Cacao), 30ml.

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Oxxi acrylic gel allows you to strengthen the nail plate and do extensions on tips and simulate on forms with any complexity. The unique gel presented combines the best qualities of solid gel and acrylic, because it is elastic and at the same time very durable, with a minimum dispersion layer. The high-quality gel is hypoallergenic, it is odorless, does not cause discomfort during drying. The gel is convenient to use, it does not spread when applied to the nail plate, does not reach for the brush and does not freeze without the use of an LED or UV lamp. You can remove the product in two ways, by soaking or cutting, with a 150 or 180 grit nail file.

Method of use:

  1. Prepare the nails: remove the gloss with a soft buff, degrease, apply an acid primer for a long wear of acrylic gel.
  2. Using a multi-function spatula, cut off the required amount of Acryl Gel Oxxi and apply it on the nail.
  3. Dampen the brush in the clincer and spread the acrylic gel over the nail plate.
  4. Cure in the LED lamp (36 watts) for 30 seconds, in the UV / LED lamp (36 watts) for 2 minutes.

Please note: Lamps of lower power are not able to polymerize Acryl Gel Oxxi!

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