SHARM Base №4, 15ml.


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Camouflage base for gel polish OXXI Sharm base - an incredible, luxurious camouflage base with shimmers. Viscous, thick material, which is easily distributed over the nail plate without gaps and gaps, smoothes its surface, hides small defects, pigment and other spots on the nail, unattractive shades.

The uniform application of a thin layer of coating allows you to use a small brush with a convenient shape, and the stylish bottle with the company's logo has an optimal volume, ensuring comfort in applying a professional product.

Sharm Base for nails has good stability, maintains well-groomed, beautiful nails, aesthetic appearance of trendy color and original design for up to 3 weeks, preventing the formation of cracks, chips and damage.

According to the application technology, the camouflaging base does not differ from the usual procedure, it gives the desired result at the first application using the traditional or drop method. The coating is used sparingly, does not spread, evens out uneven nail relief, strengthens nails, prevents them from peeling, polymerizes under a UV or LED lamp, prolongs the life of a decorative manicure.

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