GLORY gel polish №12, 10ml.


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Glory gel polish is the gentlest novelty from Oxxi Professional, a unique magnetic gel polish with an exceptional chemical composition, which, in combination with a special magnet, creates an unusual effect. It is convenient to work with, it lays evenly, dries quickly and is easy to remove. Nail products are popular among professional craftsmen and ordinary consumers who have a great opportunity to realize their creative imagination and interesting design ideas.

Glory gel polish is an original coating with shimmering, the most delicate iridescence of microparticles that form whimsical deep patterns on the nails, create a spectacular design, and give the manicure features of mystery and special chic. A beautiful shiny strip can be made with the help of a special magnet. Glory gel polish does not have a sharp unpleasant smell, so it is comfortable to work with even people prone to allergies and sensitive sense of smell. A convenient bottle with an optimal volume is an ideal solution for those who want to often decorate their nails with a new stylish, effective design. The incredibly gentle collection of magnetic gel polishes is a highlight in the nail industry and an absolute MUST HAVE.

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