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Degreaser for nails NAIL FRESHER is a universal degreaser, helps to prepare the nail plate for coating with the Oxxi base, cleans it of fat, stickiness and excess moisture, dries it, protects against fungal infections that can form under the layers. A positive treatment result is possible due to the gentle influence of high-quality, safe components included in the degreasing agent. They delicately dissolve fat and dirt on the nails, do not overdry the natural plate, aromas make the manicure procedure more comfortable and pleasant.

The professional original tool promotes maximum adhesion of the base to the natural nail, prolongs the strength and resistance of the gel polish to negative mechanical influences, aggressive environments of household detergents. Branded degreaser makes it possible to increase the duration of wearing a manicure, preserve the saturation of color, and the brightness of the shine.

Use of NAIL FRESHER is recommended by nail specialists before applying gel polish, traditional nail polish, gel or acrylic nail extensions. Treated with dehydrate, the nail surface will be much stronger, more reliable, and the original aesthetic unique look of the manicure will not lose its attractiveness for a long time.

The sequence of application of preparations before gel varnish or extension:

1. Clean the nail plate with a lint-free napkin, on which apply Oxxi Fresher degreasing and dehydrating agent, removing fat, dust and excess moisture from the surface of the nails.

2. If you have soft, layered nails, apply Oxxi Ultra Bond to create additional adhesion and let dry for 20 seconds.

3. Begin to build up or cover the nails with a layer of base coat under gel polish, seal the free edge, polymerize each layer for 2 minutes in a UV lamp or 30 seconds in an LED lamp.

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