Kodi REPLACEABLE FILE "CRESCENT" 120 GRIT, 50pcs/pac (COLOR: GRAY; SIZE: 180/30mm)


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When providing beauty services of any kind, the main requirement in beauty salons and studios is to ensure the safety of the client. An important factor is also the optimization of the use of consumables without losing the quality of work. This requirement is met by disposable removable files for manicure and pedicure. They are designed for metal base files and are characterized by a uniform abrasive, which makes the processing of nails easy and comfortable for the client. Each file has a special adhesive coating that allows easy and quick fixation to the metal base.

Color - Gray;

Hardness: 120 grit;

Size: 180/30 mm. *


* In the size of removable files for metal bases, a deviation of +/- 0.5 mm is permissible. We recommend that you pay attention to this both when gluing the file to the base, and when working in order to avoid cutting the client's skin with the thin edge of the file or the metal base itself.

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