Kodi REPLACEMENT FILE FOR PEDICURE 180 grit, 50pcs/pac (SIZE: 135/42mm)


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REPLACEMENT FILE FOR PEDICURE  180 grit (COLOR: BLACK; SIZE: 135/42mm), 50pcs/pac

Before starting to perform a pedicure, it is worth choosing comfortable and high-quality working tools. With a large flow of clients in beauty salons and studios, it is advisable to use polished metal base files and removable files for them. This approach prevents the development of infections and provides the necessary level of safety and comfort. KODI PROFESSIONAL offers an optimal range of removable files that are easily and securely attached to the corresponding base, are distinguished by a uniform abrasive, and provide an impeccable quality of nail processing.

Black colour

Hardness: 180 grit

Size: 135/42 mm *


*In the size of removable files for metal bases, a deviation of +/- 0.5 mm is permissible. We recommend that you pay attention to this both when gluing the file to the base, and when working in order to avoid cutting the client's skin with the thin edge of the file or the metal base itself.

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