Kodi GEL PAINT №48

Kodi GEL PAINT №48

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Colored gel-colors Kodi Professional are used to paint exfoliated nails with colored gels, as well as for design with transfer foils (casting on nails).

Painting with colored gel-colors has become very popular lately. For painting with Cody's colored gel colors, they should be dried for 2 minutes in a UV lamp. You can make any drawings from thin lace to Chinese painting.

Can be used at any stage of the design, suitable for natural and artificial nails. Gel paint is characterized by an optimally dense and viscous consistency for precise smearing and lines without the risk of spreading. The long-term preservation of the saturation and brightness of the color is due to the high content of quality pigments. Does not have a dispersion layer. The gel is dried in the UV-lamp for 1-2 minutes, in the LED-lamp from 20 seconds to 1 minute.

Size: 4ml

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