Kodi Gel Paint "GALAXY" 02 (Color: SILVER)

Kodi Gel Paint "GALAXY" 02 (Color: SILVER)

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A rich palette, highly pigmented texture, dense, easy-to-use consistency and durability make KODI PROFESSIONAL gel paints an ideal material for original designs in various execution techniques. Gel-paint can be used for colored jacket, layered and tiered design options and, traditionally, for painting.

Galaxy series is a gel paint with a high concentration of shimmer. Galaxy gel-paint in the shade of Silver can also be used to coat nails as the main color, its covering ability allows you to cover the nail with just one layer with the formation of a durable coating. Has a sticky layer. Do not chip.

The recommended polymerization time of the material is 60 seconds in a UV LED lamp, 2 minutes in a UV lamp.

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