Kodi Gel Paint "GALAXY" 07 (Color: VIOLET)

Kodi Gel Paint "GALAXY" 07 (Color: VIOLET)

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Gel paint quickly became popular due to the unlimited possibilities of its use in nail art. Compared to other materials, gel-paint is a more versatile material, it can be used for jewelry to draw thin and complex lines, to create layered or voluminous figures. A wide range of KODI PROFESSIONAL gel paints will provide comfort in working with the material and allow you to design any level of complexity.

The Galaxy gel-paint series is characterized by a high shimmer content in the composition, making it ideal for festive flickering design options. Another advantage of the product is that this gel paint can be used as the main coating of nails - its covering ability allows you to qualitatively cover the nail with just one layer. Has a sticky layer.

The recommended polymerization time of the material is 60 seconds in a UV LED lamp, 2 minutes in a UV lamp.

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