Kodi PUSHER P-01

Kodi PUSHER P-01

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Pusher for manicure two-sided.

One of the working sides has the appearance of a rounded spatula, designed to delicately move the eponymic and cuticle from the surface of the nail plate. The second, in the form of a sharp ax, allows you to quickly clean the inner surface of the free edge of the nail quickly. The tool is of high quality sharpening, made of stainless steel, for a long time does not lose its original sharpness. To prevent slipping, a relief surface of the blade is provided. Can be treated with disinfectant solutions and heat treated.


  • overall length + -13.5 cm;
  • length of spatula + - 2.2 cm;
  • the length of the working blade of the ax is -1.7 cm.

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