STALEKS Nippers for leather Professional EXPERT К-16 (N7-52-10)

STALEKS Nippers for leather Professional EXPERT К-16 (N7-52-10)

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Each classic or combined manicure can not do without the use of nippers for the skin. Careful and correct removal of the cuticle provides a well-groomed and beautiful appearance of female pens.

It is very important, in order to avoid any injuries, to choose for yourself a quality and safe tool. "The right nippers" gently and smoothly cut the peel, not breaking it. They have a smooth running and do not bounce off each other. All these and many other requirements of the craftsmen for the tool were taken into account when developing the nippers of the Expert series from Staleks.

Manicure nippers N7-52-10 (K-16) are designed specifically for the pros nail service and are designed to work with cuticle and burrs. The well-thought-out design features of the nails help ensure the master's continuous work without feeling any discomfort or fatigue in his hands.

Steel grade: 40X13

Cutting length: 10 ± 1 mm

Tool length: 114 ± 1 mm

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