STALEKS Nippers Professional for nails EXPERT K-19 (N7-60-18)

STALEKS Nippers Professional for nails EXPERT K-19 (N7-60-18)

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Features of the nippers Expert N7-60-18 (K-19):

  • They are made of steel grade 40X13 - a material characterized by high strength and resistance to corrosion;
  • A massive working part with straight working edges and sharp blades makes it easy to "bite off" even the thickest nail, without hurting its structure;
  • Manual grinding and vacuum heat treatment are added to the tool strength and improve its functional features;
  • Parts of the cutters are securely fixed, which prevents backlash and makes the stroke smooth;
  • The shape of the handles is made taking into account the anatomical features of the palm;
  • Due to metal plates a slight springing effect is formed, due to which the use becomes even more comfortable.

Steel grade: 40X13

Cutting length: 18 ± 1 mm

Tool length: 140 ± 1 mm

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