STALEKS Beauty&Care Cuticle Scissors (SBC-10/1) 10 Type-1

STALEKS Beauty&Care Cuticle Scissors (SBC-10/1) 10 Type-1

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Cuticle scissors matt - designed for cutting the skin and cuticles.

The total length of the scissors STALEKS BEAUTY & CARE SBC-10/1 is 90 mm. The length of the working blades is 20 mm, the width of the blades is 4 mm.

Thanks to professional manual sharpening and steel 30X13 with high corrosion resistance, the model has a long service life.

The matte finish of the ergonomically shaped handles highlights the instrument with its original design and provides excellent grip in the hand.

Features of cuticle scissors Staleks Beauty & Care 10/1:

  • thin, narrowed blades;
  • slight bending of the blades;
  • accurate, accurate cut;
  • blades sharpened by hand;
  • ergonomic handles;
  • increased ring size;
  • soft, easy move;
  • pleasant to the touch matte surface of the handles;
  • medical stainless steel.

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