STALEKS Exclusive Pro Cuticle Scissors (SX-20/1z) 20 Type-1 Zebra


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A high-quality, reliable Staleks tool is the key to a successful work of a manicure and pedicure master. Scissors Staleks Pro Exclusive 20 Type 1 SX-20/1 - as an extension of the master's hand, they allow you to work technically correctly, painlessly and accurately.

Manicure scissors SX-20/1 have a curved handle, which provides the master with a more favorable and comfortable hand position during work. Precise and easy cutting of the cuticle is guaranteed by the smooth running of the tool and the high hardness of the metal. Cuticle scissors Exclusive 20 Type 1 SX-20/1 have a curved working area of ​​the tool. Thanks to this shape of the cutting blades, which repeats the hole of the nail bed, the best access to the cuticle is opened and injury to the nail plate is excluded.

An exclusive model is engraved in the form of zebra stripes.

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