STALEKS Exclusive Pro Cuticle Scissors (SX-21/1z) 21 Type-1 Zebra


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Professionals in the nail industry choose only the best tools and materials for their work. And the most daring of them are always in search of something new and interesting. Staleks Pro Exclusive 21 cuticle scissors will be a breath of fresh air for connoisseurs of ergonomics and impeccable quality of a manicure tool.

Manicure scissors SX-21/1 have a curved handle, which provides the master with a more favorable and comfortable hand position during cuticle processing. And the smooth running of the tool and the high hardness of the metal guarantee a mega-accurate, smooth and easy cut of the removed skin material. But the main highlight of the model is the hook-shaped bend of the working part. Such a bent and narrowed shape of the tips of the cutting blades repeats the hole of the nail plate, which prevents injury to the nail and provides better access for working with the periungual skin.

In addition, the exclusivity of the model is emphasized by the engraving in the form of zebra stripes on the body and handles of the scissors.

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