STALEKS Exclusive Pro Cuticle Scissors with hook (SX-21/2m) 21 Type-2 Magnolia


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A tool for professional use must be balanced, durable and functional. An additional condition is easy and reliable sterilization.

The requirements of practicing manicure and pedicure masters are embodied in the TYPE 2 Magnolia SX-21/2M hook-shaped skin scissors. They belong to the STALEKS PRO EXCLUSIVE series, which is designed to serve a large flow and simplifies the work to the utmost.

Features of professional scissors EXCLUSIVE 21 Magnolia:

  • ergonomic design relieves stress in the hands;
  • the bend of the handles makes the position of the hand the most relaxed;
  • thin curved blades allow you to approach the periungual zone as close as possible;
  • made of stainless medical steel;
  • polishing increases the accuracy of the cut;
  • are sharpened by the master manually using a microscope.

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