STALEKS Nippers for nails EXPERT-60 18mm (NE-60-18)

STALEKS Nippers for nails EXPERT-60 18mm (NE-60-18)

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Nail clippers are more massive and stronger than skin nippers. Large nippers are designed to work with strong, coarse nails, medium and small nippers are suitable for thinner and softer nails.

● for hard, strong nails

● straight cutting edges without tilting

● cutting part without protrusion

● impeccable sharpness and complete closure of cutting edges, thanks to professional multi-level sharpening, performed by the master manually

● convenient location and reliable fixation of the tool in the hand, due to small wavy protrusions on its handle

● smooth and easy tool travel thanks to perfect fit and grinding of the swivel planes

● ease and simplicity when servicing the tool, due to the original inverted rivet

● additional tool resistance to corrosion, which is provided by polishing GOI paste

● stainless steel 40X13

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