STALEKS Cuticle Scissors For Left EXPERT 11/1 18mm (SE-11/1)

STALEKS Cuticle Scissors For Left  EXPERT 11/1 18mm  (SE-11/1)

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These scissors are designed specifically for left-handers, which ensures natural movements, lack of fatigue and accuracy when working due to ergonomically located handles.

● good view of the cutting line, due to the special design of the scissors for left-handed use

● easy access to the cuticle thanks to thin, narrowed blades

● classic blade bending radius

● accurate and precise cut thanks to professional manual sharpening

● safety and prevention of damage to the nail plate, by polishing the back surface of the blades

● shortened handles

● standard ring size

● reduction of hand fatigue during operation due to the soft, easy stroke of the scissors

● perfectly polished surface is pleasant to the touch and provides additional resistance to corrosion

● stainless steel 40X13

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