STALEKS Expert Pro Cuticle Scissors 22 Type-1 (SE-22/1)


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In the process of hygienic manicure, cuticle treatment is indispensable. Especially for this stage of processing, professional scissors for craftsmen Staleks Pro Expert SE-22/1 were created.

The blades have an anatomically correct shape, all proportions of bends are observed.

The blades of leather scissors are specially narrowed, which makes them maneuverable and allows you to carefully process all hard-to-reach corners.

The curved shape is the main feature of the model. This form is designed for the convenience of the master, it allows you to keep your hand not tired and be in a natural position during work.

Scissors are made of medical steel 40X13. The blades of the scissors are sharpened by hand. Staleks Pro Expert Type 1 SE-22/1 scissors can undergo standard sterilization and disinfection procedures.

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