Kodi Professional Starting Set for Eyebrow and Eyelash Extension


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Starting Set for Eyebrow and Eyelash Extension 

The KODI PROFESSIONAL Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting Set is the perfect solution for lash makers who need to provide product versatility for their work. The set contains everything you need to perform color correction of eyebrows or eyelashes for the clients with different color types of appearance - 4 the most popular shades allow choosing a natural harmonious color for any client. Professional system (tint + oxidant) provides color fastness up to 6 weeks, has a safe composition, suitable for sensitive eyes.   

The set includes: 

  • Eyebrow tint (Black); 
  • Eyebrow tint (Brown); 
  • Eyebrow tint (Light brown); 
  • Eyebrow tint (Graphite); 
  • Creamy oxidant 3%, 100 ml.

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