Curler for eyelashes curling "M"


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Eyelash Curler "M"

Curlers for curling are an indispensable accessory for masters who perform the eyelash bio-perm procedure that is in demand today. The effect reproducible with the help of the biowaving procedure is achieved due to the alternate action of special compositions and the use of curlers of a suitable size.

Curlers KODI PROFESSIONAL, also called rollers or bobbins, are made of hypoallergenic silicone. They are optimally soft, elastic and comfortable for the client. The accessory easily shapes the lashes in the desired curve for a natural yet expressive result. Fixed on the eyelid with a special glue. Silicone rollers are easy to clean and disinfect, do not require special care. Suitable for multiple use.

Size M (white) curlers are designed for medium lashes.

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