Lotion for biowave eyelashes and eyebrows № 3 - Nutrition, 10ml


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Eyelash and Eyebrow Biowaving Lotion No. 3 - Nutrition.

Biowaving is exactly the procedure that underlines your natural beauty and gives expressiveness to your eyes. For an impeccable result of biowaving, it is important to use professional, safe materials of a new generation. The perfect 3-step system, developed by the international brand Kodi Professional, guarantees a beautiful natural curl shape.   

Lotion № 3 is a composition that is applied at the final stage of biowave during the separation of hairs from curlers. It is designed to fix the result, seal the cuticle, moisturize, nourish and restore eyelashes after all procedures. The composition also enhances the barrier function, protecting the hairs from the negative effects of the environment.   

The manufacturer recommends applying the product with rubbing movements with a microbrush, while separating the eyelashes from the curler. Do not rinse.

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