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Eyelash Curler Set

Biowave is an effective and safe cosmetic procedure aimed at changing the shape

eyelashes and giving them a beautiful bend for a period of 1 to 3 months depending on the individual

eyelash life cycle. Modern biowave technology includes the use of complex

sparing permanent solutions with hypoallergenic composition and soft rollers for

modeling the desired bend.

The biowave does not refuse negative impact on eyelashes. At the end of the validity of the composition

the length, thickness and thickness of the eyelashes do not change.

System for biowave KODI PROFESSIONAL:

Softening curling lotion №1, 3ml

Lotion for a wave the fixing No. 2, 3 ml

Curling lotion nourishing regenerating № 3, 3ml

Glue for biowave 5 ml

Silicone rollers curlers - 3 pairs (S, M, L)

Biowave technology step by step:

1) seal the lower lashes

2) degrease cilia; put glue on silicone curlers and fix them on the eyelid close to the roots


3) put the eyelashes on the curlers with glue

4) apply the composition No. 1 (from the root to the middle of the length of the eyelashes) and withstand

10-15 min - for thin slashes

15-20 min for medium density cilia

20-25 min - for thick eyelashes

5) remove the composition No. 1 with a cotton swab and apply the composition No. 2 from the root to the middle of the length of the eyelashes (time

Exposure is the same as with composition No. 1)

6) remove the composition No. 2 and remove the silicone glue with a wet stick and apply the composition No. 3. Thereafter

remove hair curlers. Composition number 3 remains on the cilia of the client to protect and restore eyelashes after

biowave procedures.

The effect of biowave persists for 1.5 months. The composition is absolutely hypoallergenic, suitable for everyone, does not have


In contact with the skin does not cause a burning sensation, therefore, it is also recommended for eyebrow biofixation!


Avoid direct sunlight. Keep away from children. Keep cool and dry

place Products are for professional use only.

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