Kodi Matte Top Coat "GLITTER" 7ml.

Kodi Matte Top Coat "GLITTER" 7ml.

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Matte Top Coat "GLITTER" 7ml.

The Top coat "GLITTER" for gel polish is a top coat with glitter content. Top Glitter is applied as a finishing layer when applying gel polish and provides a matte texture with a shimmery shine.

The top gives the coating strength, prevents the formation of chips and cracks, protects against scratches, and ensures a flawless look of the manicure during the entire period of wear. The top coat for Glitter gel polish does not have a sticky layer, which is an additional advantage when performing different types of nail art. The balanced consistency allows easy and even application of the product in a thin layer without spreading. Curing time: UV lamp 36W - 2 minutes, LED lamp - 30-60 seconds.

The Top coat "GLITTER" is the perfect choice to bring a fresh new look to a solid color gel polish without the extra effort.

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