Kodi MIRACLE Rubber Top Gel 7 ml.

Kodi MIRACLE Rubber Top Gel 7 ml.

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Miracle Rubber Top is a gel polish top coat that gives the finish an ultra shine.

This top is recommended for gel polish coatings in rich colors or dark tones - due to a special formula, the product provides accurate color reproduction of the gel polish, gives the coating a special depth and expressiveness.

The top coating of Miracle Rubber Top is characterized by a medium viscosity consistency, has a tacky layer.

Miracle Rubber Top:

  • does not distort the color of gel polish, as it does not contain UV filters;
  • retains a bright shine for up to 3 weeks;
  • gives elasticity to the coating;
  • performs a protective function;
  • prevents the formation of cracks and other imperfections.

Attention! The Miracle Rubber Top is not intended for use with gel polish that contain neon pigment (during the polymerization process, these gel polish glow in the lamp). Otherwise, the appearance of non-uniform spots with a blue effect is possible, which disappear without a trace within 1-4 hours (depending on the temperature and light source).

Polymerization time:

  • 30 sec in LED lamps from 16 W;
  • 90 sec in 36 W UV lamps;
  • 30 sec in UV / LED (hybrid) lamps 36 W.

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