Kodi No Sticky Top Coat 15ml.

Kodi No Sticky Top Coat 15ml.

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The main final stage of the gel polish coating technology is the application of a top, fixing layer. Thanks to the modern developments of the Kodi Professional brand, No Sticky Top Coat was created to give nails a stylish "wet" shine and extra strength - a top coat for gel polish without a dispersion layer.

Now the legendary bestseller No Sticky Top Coat is available in a revamped 15ml bright red design bottle. Add brightness to your day-to-day workflows and maintain the traditionally high quality of work!

The product is applied evenly in a thin layer and does not spread. The product is designed for additional fixing of the coating, prolonging its durability, protection from chips and the negative influence of environmental factors. No Sticky Top Coat fulfills an aesthetic function, giving the manicure a stylish “wet” sheen.

Recommended when working with HOLLYWOOD collection varnishes.

Polymerization time: UV lamp 36W - 2 minutes; LED - 30 seconds.

Easily removed by softening with Tips Off (acrylic remover). Sand thoroughly (remove gloss) before removing No Sticky Top Coat.

Release form: a bottle of red frosted glass, 15 ml. Cover with brush.

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