Kodi Rubber Top Gel 7 ml.

Kodi Rubber Top Gel 7 ml.

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KODI PROFESSIONAL presents your favorite nail products in a new version. Rubber top is now available in a bright red 7 ml bottle. Add brightness to your everyday workflows and maintain traditionally high quality work!

Rubber top contains rubber fibers, which give the coating optimal elasticity and prevent the formation of common flaws. The tool provides the nails with a pronounced gloss.

The consistency of the optimal density and viscosity allows you to apply the product in an even and thin layer without spreading. Has a sticky layer.

The top acts as a protective layer, effectively protects the decorative coating from external factors, preventing the formation of chips and cracks.

Polymerization time: UV lamp 36W - 2 minutes; LED - 60 seconds. Easily removed by softening using a special tool Tips Off (gel polish and acrylic remover).

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