Kodi No Sticky Top Coat 12 ml.

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Kodi No Sticky Top Coat  12 ml.

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The final stage of coating the gel-varnish is applying a special final coating - top. To give the nails a stylish "wet" luster, No Sticky Top Soat is developed. Finish top without dispersion layer. Due to the optimal consistency, the top is applied without any effort in an even and thin layer. No Sticky Top Coat protects against external factors, provides durability and elasticity.

 It is recommended when working with varnishes of the collection "HOLLYWOOD".

Polymerization time:

  • UV lamp 36W - 2 minutes;
  • LED - 30 seconds.

Easily removable by softening when using a special means Tips Off (liquid for removing gel varnish, acrylic). Before removing the No Sticky Top Coat, it must be carefully sanded (remove the gloss).

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